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ExpaNding Menu


Do you want to fall in love?

Special Meal Of the Month 

Our Famous Crab Fried Rice From Thailand 

If you love Real PREMIUM

Crab Meat in our Special Fried Rice Taste

Please Come and get it for only 16.95




Thai Food?


   Of Course you know what that means but have you the best yet.

Come and See us Soon and We will give you the Definition of Real Thai Food.



Days Of Operations Are


Monday         11.30-2.30 - 16.30-20.30


Wednesday    11.30-2.30 - 16.30-20.30

Thursday        11.30-2.30 - 16.30-20.30

Friday             11.30-2.30 - 16.30-20.30

Saturday        11.30-2.30 - 16.30-20.30

Sunday             15.00 - 20.30      

Your Server

I Love Food as Much as You do. I will Take care of you. I Mean I will Really Take care of you.

Your Chef

Food is my passion - my art is creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense.

Say Hello

Server : Hi

Chef : Bon Appetite

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